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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

93 degrees....need I say more?

This is how the little kids and I spent the day!

I bought this pool last year at the end of the summer. I got it at Dollar General for 75% off. Just $5.00! I know, BARGAIN! I also bought a foot pump for $1.75.

Last night my friend Sharon (Hi, Sharon!!) and her adorable grandson Dakota came by. He so kindly offered to pump up the pool for me. What a gentleman!


First things first! Lunch! Kamrie decided to eat on the trampoline, J.J. on the ground! They had bologna and doritos sandwiches! Yes, you heard right. They love doritos ON their sandwiches.

The water was SOOOO cold, but it felt great on such a hot day. We are going to do the same thing tomorrow. YAY! Summer is finally here.


Picket said...

Hey girl...love the new background!!!! That was a sure nuf bargain on that pool...it is so hot and humid here it just takes your breath away when you open the door...little Sofie and Bailey csame riding up on the 4-wheeler this afternoon...Sofie comes running in with her bathing suit on...no big hug...big kiss or nothing...the first words out of her mouth were "Maw Maw...Have you got a sprinkler!!!?" I said what for girl...you got a brand new slip & slide...she said "Maw Maw it has a hole in it and I need to play in something!" lol lol Ohhhhh these grandkids are something else....God knew we would need to laugh alot after surviving raising our kids! lol lol Thanks for coming by sweetie..have a great week!

Tracey said...

I love to see kids splashing about in a pool, nothing nicer. This heat wave has hit the world over hasn't it! Still ,soon be christmas!!!!LOL

Catherine said...

Your pool is very inviting. We have "dry" heat, very little humidity. But hot is hot no matter where you are. Kids in a pool are always cute!