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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I need help!!

Mr. Nosey Man decided that today he was going to learn how to type. Needless to say that when he climbed on my keyboard he did something and now all of the words are really, really tiny. I mean so tiny that I can't even read some of my followed blogs, message boards that I visit and even my own blog. This sucks!

Is there anyone here who can tell me how to fix this problem. You might be saving Rocky's life!!

By the way, does my blog look normal or is the type really tiny? When I look at it, it's tiny.


Tracey said...

No its normal! Similar thing once happened to me....I held down the Ctrl key & scrolled back out (with mouse) til I got to a normal size again.....I hope it works for you! xxx

Miss Gracie's House said...

Looks like you got it fixed? Cute pictures!

Denise said...

Thanks, Tracey! Fixed it right up!