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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Edythe's chandelier...

has been given a new life! My mother-in-law, Edythe, had a cute little chandelier hanging in the corner in her living room. I always loved that thing! The way the light would reflect pretty colors on the ceiling and walls, made me happy.

When she passed away in 1985 and we sold her house, Richard took the chandelier down and brought it here to live. It hung over our dining room table until 2005, when I replaced it with a black wrought iron hanging lamp. The little chandelier was disassembled and packed away in the basement. A couple of months ago, I decided that I wanted a light above my kitchen sink, between the cabinets. As I was looking online at decorating blogs, I kept seeing little chandeliers in unusal places: bedrooms, bathrooms and KITCHENS!! But I wasn't into the shiny brass tones anymore. Soooo, I took it apart and painted all of the brass, flat black. It looked like wrought iron! Yay, I loved it. I hemmed and hawed about putting the original clear crystals back on it. I thought that I would rather have burgandy or amber crystals instead. I perused eBay and several other online stores for weeks. They were available, but expensive, considering how many I would need. I finally just decided to put the clear ones back on. I polished them and rearranged them. And reassembled my little chandelier. Today, Richard hung it up in it's new place of honor. Above the sink. I bought a wrought iron plant hook from Menard's to use. It looks so cute! It makes me so happy to have it reflecting it's pretty colors all over my kitchen! Now all I need are 4 candle rings and it will be complete.

Whenever I have one of my "ideas", Richard is always willing to help make them a reality. He is so very handy with things around the house. Electrical, plumbing, building things, painting, etc. Thanks, honey!

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