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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New President...

As I wake up this morning, I find out we have a new president. Barack Obama (D).

This picture was the only Obama trick or treater that we saw. He was happy to pose for a pic for me!!

I hope that the changes he implements can resolve some of the issues facing our country.

I went to vote yesterday at around 10:15. I took Kamrie with me. We had a goodie bag packed for her in the event of long lines at the polls. I was pleasantly surprised. No lines whatsoever. There were a dozen or so cars in the parking lot of the Northside Baptist Church and 3 people inside voting. She was very proud to tell everyone that she voted!

I stayed with the kids after Heather and Justin got off work so they could go vote( 1st presidential election for both of them). They didn't have any lines either.


GEM of the day-when J.J. got home from school yesterday, Kamrie told him that she
voted today. He said "what do you mean, you voted"? Kamrie said "I picked the new president". J.J. looked at me and said "I approve that message"!

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