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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas photo shoot...sort of!

Kamrie wanted to wear her Christmas shirt that had Rocky on it (the shirt actually has a chipmunk on it, but who am I to say any different!). Then she wanted to take pictures for paw-paw.

She took the ones of me (which are not too bad) and I took the ones of her. In one of my pictures the "photographer" has me saying CHEESE (real big, okay gram). She is saying HO, HO, HO in one of hers. Hence, the funny expressions on our faces!!

We have fun everyday!

GEM of the day-I always buy each of the kids an ornament every year. I put their names and the date on them. Monday I took them with me to Heather's. J.J. loved his and put it right on the tree. When Kammie got up and I gave hers to her, this was the conversation:
Gram: Kammie, I bought you a new ornament for the tree. It's on the table.
Kammie: What does it say?
Gram: It has your name and the year I gave it to you. Do you want to go hang it on the tree?
Kammie: Nope. It doesn't say my name. There's no K.
Gram: yes there is, right here (pointing to the K).
Kammie: I don't like it, that's not the right kind of K. You can take it home.
Gram: Okay, but that really is a K.
Kammie: No thanks!
Later that day:
Gram: I'm sorry you don't like your ornament.
Kammie: Well, I don't. It's not a real K.
I'm not sure what she thought it was. It is on the tree now, but she swears it doesn't say her name!?!?!

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