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Monday, February 23, 2009

Spikey's new frenemy

The people across the street have pitbulls. At least 4 of them. Yesterday I saw 3 large ones and a puppy. They were all running loose. which is very unusual. Last summer, when the now big ones were pups, they all ran loose. But over the winter we haven't seen much of them. It scared me a week or two ago when they put up beware of dog signs.

Anyway. they were running fools yesterday. The brown one, I think his name is Pooh!! kept coming to our house. Well, Spikey being the friendly dog that he is (NOT) was having a royal fit.

I was able to snap these pictures of the two of them. Pooh was on the deck and Spikey was in the living room, just daring Pooh to come in!! Now don't forget, Spikey weighs 8-10 pounds. Pooh, probably 75!


Sara said...

Good thing for spikey there's glass between them! I'm so glad your back!

ScrapCandy.com said...

Yikes! I can't believe people would let that size pit bull roam around freely. If I found one of those looking at me thru my glass, the stupid owners wouldn't be getting their dog back. He might mysteriously disappear! :)