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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shopping for Spikey's birthday party!!

Today while Jaiden was in school, Kylah, Kamrie and I went shopping for the supplies for Spikey's second birthday party!! LOL Yes, we have a party my dog!! We bought party hats, masks, napkins and a birthday banner. I will get cups and plates at the Dollar Tree. Stay tuned to sunday for the party pics!!

We went to the Paper Depot. They have party supplies of every kind. We had a fun time laughing and taking pictures.


bj said...

Oh, I so remember the 1st birthday of my first grandson, Drew...We had it at our house, outside, with all kinds of fun games and things...right in the middle of it, it came the biggest downpour of rain we had all year long...Everyone moved inside and Drew still had a good birthday party.
Happy Birthday to your Spikey!!
xo bj

Anne said...

I just love those party theme stores. That's were I got all of my decorations from when I had my Mardi Gras party.