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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's thrifty goodies...

When Heather and the kids came over for Spikey's party, she told me that the new super WalMart by her house had racks of clearance clothes. She had just bought 4 tops for herself for only $2.00 each. So after the party Heather, Jay, Chris, Ky and I went to WalMart. Below are my finds!! (remember to click on any pic, to see the details in the tops, they are fabulous!!).

Each of these tops was on clearance for $2.00!! Yes, you read it right, $2.00! Regular price $14.84.

These t-shirts were $1.00 each. Regular $10.00 each!!

This is a really soft knit jacket and pants. The jacket was on sale for $3.00 and the pants $1.00!! Jacket regular price $14.84 and the pants $12.84.

These pants are a really pretty chocolate brown knit. They were $1.00. Regular $12.84!

I am so happy to have these new clothes for my trip to Florida. I'm going to look good, on a budget!! LOL


Tracey said...

Wow! what bargains. How come everybody seems to get a good deal....except me!!!!
Hows your daughter and family now?
Tracey x x x

Anne said...

Good for you Denise. I'm glad to see that you were able to find some clothes at awesome prices for your trip to Florida. Which is coming up soon, right? =) You must be so excited.

Amy said...

What great bargains! very nice things.

Amy xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! I was at Sam's this weekend here and I didn't see anything like that! Lucky Lucky you! Thanks for stopping by!

blue_butterfly said...

if its that cheap i'll be scooping for more and buy shirts of the boys, for my sis, for my niece, for my aunt...damn i'll be buying everyone stuff! hahaha