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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good news, sort of.

Yesterday the police were at the moblie home next door to Heathers. Pretty soon there was a knock on her door, it was the police. They asked her if she had had a break in recently. She told them "yes". Turns out it was the guy that lived next door.
Yes, her neighbor.

The neighbor who's kids Heather's kids played with.

The neighbor that Heather took to work when their car wouldn't start.

The neighbor that Justin went and picked up in the middle of the night because his car got impounded for him driving with a suspended license.

The neighbor who's son I walked to the bus stop almost every morning.

The neighbor that told Heather and Justin that they didn't see anything or hear anything the day their house was burglarized.

He was picked up walking down the street carrying a jewelry box and a crow bar. He was down the street from a house that he had just burglarized. The house was alarmed and the police were close by.

He confessed to Heather's house and 2 others. He is the suspect in many burlaries in the area.

The detective we talked to today said he is a heroin addict. Who knew? Certainly not us.

I went with Heather to the Sheriff's department this afternoon (Justin had to work). The detectives went to 4 pawn shops that he told them he took things to. Some of Heather's jewelry and Justin's Xbox 360 and cords, Xbox dvd player and Kamrie's pink wireless controller were found at 2 of them. We have no clue where the rest of the stuff is.

The crummy part of this, is that the kids have to buy their stuff back from the pawn shops. Does that seem fair? We don't think so. Then they have to press charges and sue for restituion for the money they have to pay out. We stopped at one of the shops to get the jewelry they have and they wouldn't give it to her. The lady was really shi**y and told Heather she had to have the police report, a policeman and the cash with her in order to reclaim her stuff. We were not told that by the detective. So, needless to say she is waiting for a call back from the detective on her case.

I feel bad for her and Justin. One of them has slept on the couch since the break in. They were afraid it would happen again and they wouldn't hear anything. Now they feel they aren't getting the justice they deserve.


Tracey said...

How upsetting is that?! I bet they are as mad as hell. hope they get back at least some of their stuff. (Cannot believe they have to pay for it!)
Love to all
Tracey x x x

Wendy said...

How Ridiculous!! Where is the justice in all of this!! Have to pay to get their stolen things back....I would be so MAD!!! Poor kids!

Anne said...

That's so horrible. Your right, were is the justice in getting their belongings back. And why should they have to pay to get it back. Hopefully the detective can help them to get there belongings back.

Amy said...

how terrible! they should not have to pay! Pleased they found out who it was that broke in...he should pay for it! xxx