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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday's thrifty goodies...

Yippee! I finally did some thrifty shopping! It's been a while!

Dollar General had racks of 90% off clothes yesterday. Heather and I checked out several stores.

I bought 2 of these "rock n roll" knit shirts. One for Justin and one for my nephew, Kyle. They were only 80 cents each. Merry Christmas, boys!! LOL

These shorts were $1.00 a pair. The denim pair are for Richard and the camo pair are for my brother in law, Jay. I bought him 2 pair of the camo ones.

These polo shirst are for Justin. He has to wear a collared shirt at his part time job. They are really nice and only $1.00 each. I'm putting these with his Christmas stuff.

Flip flops for Jaiden for next summer. 50 cents!

These 2 bins are for my scraproom. They were half off: $2.00 for the large one and $1.50 for the smaller one.


Tracey said...

I LOVE the pink bins! Yet again you've managed to get some great bargains...XXX

Dawn Gahan said...

Such the goal this Christmas for me to be thrifty. All your items were a steal and I know they'll be enjoyed by the recipients. It so doesn't have to cost a fortune to buy gifts . You're smart to start now. I'll be following your example, starting to stock gifts now. Feel better! Wet leaves?!?!? What were they thinking?